The Magellan platform

Näktergal Magellan is a comprehensive mortgage lending platform. Digitization, automation and a modern UI enables growth and profitability.

In so many words, Magellan handles everything from onboarding including application, PEP-controls, credit scoring and loan agreement to ledger with customer pages, notifications, payments, portfolio management and data analysis through a built-in data warehouse.
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Lower costs

Magellan's efficiency leads to lower costs and thereby lower interest rate for the borrower.


A stable and highly automated ledger allows for handling of large credit columes.


User-friendly and fully digitized customer onboarding means high conversion rates.


Magellan's simple and clean UI works equally well on mobile as it does on desktop. The graphical profile and the process are tailored to your requirements.

By default, the application process is fully digitized, which leads to a faster and better customer experience. The customer applies for a loan using their mobile - not bank offices, paper and envelopes.

Digitization also enables automation. We have an instance of the platform with 71% fully automated onboarding, i.e. applications where the customer gets scored, authetincated, PEP- and sanction controlled and fraud screened without involving a credit handler.

"The only system I've seen that fully complies with GDPR and other regulation.”
- Ronnie Bodinger, ex CIO Avanza Bank

Compliant by design

Magellan is built from the ground for security, integrity and accountability.

Important aspects in this are change and view logging as well as encrypted personal data. Even more important is that the system is "compliant by design" - all processes are built with personal integrity in mind. Most important is probably the fact that the system is built on a microservice architecture that simplifies adapting to new requirements.

Collaboration beats competition

In order to offer the best in fintech, we built our platform for cooperation. This allows us to offer a shining array of best-of-breed functionality, from digitized mortgage agreements to fraud detection AI and machine learning for credit scoring.

We continuously add new integrations. What third party provider or fintech would you like to collaborate with?

User interface

We present a few screenshots hoping to convey the look-and-feel of the system.

Credit Management Monitor

Here you can track the number of received credit applications, approval rate and rejection reasons in real time. With increased automation, an overview and understanding of how credits flow through the system gets more important. The CMM can also be used to spot bottlenecks and areas with low profitability.

Amortization plan

Amortization plans are only materialized for time passed in Magellan. Looking at time future they are only forecasts updated in real time by changes to repayment time, interest rates or payment free months.

Testing, the way it should be

Real system stability, robustness and resilience is achieved by rigorous testing. We have gone the extra mile in providing test support such as mock data, an anonymized test environment and a time machine!

Mock applications and payments greatly increase the speed and comfort of testing. We have also put in shortcuts to easily find credits with different characteristics – say a credit with non-paid notifications.

Testing new functionality with your own data is the best way of finding unexpected side-effects and performance bottlenecks before going into production. Our acceptance test environment is updated every night with your production data - anonymized - which enables you to let us sit along with you during acceptance testing, since there is no sensitive data.

To the best of our knowledge, the time machine is the only one of its kind!

Time machine

In test environments, Magellan has time machine functionality, enabling the user to travel in time to test the effect of interest rate changes, notification and other time-bound events.

Automated tests

To minimize the risk of errors in connection with system changes, the system has automated tests of central functions.

Mock data

The system can generate mock applications and payments in test environments.